We believe this Website demonstrates the invention and first public release
of the "Daisy-Chain Hub" and the "Folded Daisy-Chain System" concepts.

We can prove this website was first uploaded on or before Oct. 31, 2001

The RS-485 Home Automation System shown in this Website provides:

  1) A System controller which connects to a first Daisy-Chain Hub
  2) The first Daisy-Chain Hub connects to a 2nd Daisy-Chain Hub
  3) Five different types of RS-485 products connected to the Daisy-Chain Bus

We can prove the RS-485 Hub was completed and installed in 1998.
See link #8 below for the exact development timeline.

"RS-485 Home Automation Project Links"

  1. Pictures of the Home Automation System
  2. RS485 HUB
  3. RS485 Temperature Sensor
  4. RS485 IO Board
  5. RS485 Garage Door Controller
  6. RS485 Power Controller
  7. RS485 Sprinkler Controller
  8. Project Status: