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The "Folded Daisy-Chain System" invention and related patents

Detailed explaination of the "Folded Daisy-Chain System" used by the CelsioniX(R) SnapBus(TM) Hubs
The Folded Daisy-Chain Explained (a PDF file)

Kellee Crisafulli's Home Automation website pages.
Documents the invention of what we believe is the world's first "Daisy-Chain Hub" in 1998.

A US patent using a Daisy-Chain Hub appeared in 2011
We believe the patent is invalid given the prior art and teachings from the Crisafulli's website.
US Patent 7,936,748 (USPTO) also available at Google: 7,936,748


Why we believe US Patent 7,936,748 is Invalid (a PDF file)




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