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Custom Website Software for Signal Integrity Analysis:
Celsionix & Teraspeed LLC work jointly to create custom high-speed Signal Integrity Simulators for specialty applications accessable by customers through a Web Server. Specialy SI simulators are a great way to market high-speed electrical devices to customers.

SnapBus RS-485 Hubs:
CelsioniX can provide custom version of the CelsioniX RS-485 SnapBus hub for different data rates, number of ports etc.

Fast development of Custom ModBus Controls (often in 1 day):
CelsoniX has two standard easily programmable Modbus devices which we customize for customer needs. These devices includes an LCD display, 6 inputs and 5 relay outpus. We can quickly customize the software for applications from Thermostats and Temperature monitoring to special HVAC controls.

Wifi Controllers for the ModBus:
CelsioniX can provide custom versions of our Wifi connected ModBus Controllers.

PIC microprocessor hardware and software development:
CelsioniX has developed dozens of PIC microcontroller solutions for our customers If you have a special application your are interested in developing please let us know.

If your company requires custom hardware or software development for ModBus or RS-485 please consider CelsioniX

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