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About CelsioniX Inc.

CelsioniX was founded in 2003

To provide cost effective software and hardware systems to enhance the world

Primary Products:
Thermostats, Controllers, and wiring Hubs using RS-485 and ModBus protocols

Primary Services:
Custom Web Services for Signal Integrity Simulation

SnapBus(TM) a folded daisy-chain wiring system:
We believe SnapBus is the easiest to install and maintain and most cost-effective RS-485 bus wiring system available today. In 2011 we filed for the trademark "SnapBus" which combines the low cost reliable RJ45 connectors with the benefits of the "folded daisy-chain" wiring system.

Folded daisy-chain wiring:
Our Hub products first introduced in 1998 use the concept of a "folded daisy-chain" using CAT5 cable. We believe this concept was first invented in 1998 by our founder, Kellee Crisafulli. The "folded daisy-chain" concept was publically disclosed on several websites created by Kellee dating back to 2002 or earlier.
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